OMT Therapeutics


OMT Therapeutics, Inc. is is a private, California-based biotechnology company with a new, fully human heavy-chain antibody platform based on transgenic rats. Our mission is to develop next-generation therapies for the treatment of cancer, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and emerging viruses.

UniRatTM is OMT Therapeutics' patented platform. With its endogenous immunoglobulin genes silenced, UniRatTM uses a human immunoglobulin heavy-chain translocus to express a diverse repertoire of human heavy chain antibodies or UniAbs.

UniAbs and their VH derivatives, UniDabs, target antigens with high specificity and affinity. Their small binding site facilitates binding to epitopes that cannot be attacked with conventional antibodies.

OMT Therapeutics is developing poly-specific proteins by fusing multiple UniDabs into a single protein. This advancement will deliver broadly reactive proteins with long half-lives and cost-effective manufacturing.

OMT Therapeutics is a spin-off of Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. (OMT), a leading biotechnology company specializing in genetically engineering animals for human therapeutic antibodies. OMT's partners include: Celgene, Chugai, Genmab, Genentech, HanAll, Janssen, Merck KGaA, Pfizer, Roche, and Symphogen.