OMT Therapeutics


Roland Buelow, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman

Dr. Buelow has worked in biotechnology for over twenty years and has extensive pharmaceutical experience. Dr. Buelow is a founder of OMT (2007), a fully human monoclonal antibody platform based on transgenic rats, and THP, Inc. (2003), a biotechnology company that engineered rabbits to produce human antibodies and was acquired by Roche in March 2007. Between 1993 and 2003, Dr. Buelow was senior vice president of Research and Development at SangStat Medical Corporation, where he developed RDP58, an anti-inflammatory compound that demonstrated efficacy in a placebo-controlled, blinded Phase II study in ulcerative colitis patients. Dr. Buelow has published more than 100 manuscripts and is an inventor on more than 25 patents.

Richard Murdock, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Murdock has over 30 years of experience in executive management, fund raising, marketing and business development in the biotech therapeutics and medical device industries. He serves as chariman of Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. and has served as CEO for SangStat Medical Corporation (acquired by Genzyme Corporation), Kyphon Inc., and Cellpro, Inc. At Baxter International Inc., Mr. Murdock ran the Fenwal Automation Business Unit and later The Fenwal Europe Business Unit. Mr. Murdock has helped several start-up companies, including Hemascience Laboratories Inc., Cytogen Corporation, and Haemonetics Corporation.

Wim van Schooten, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. van Schooten has over 20 years of biotechnology management experience, including research and development supervision, manufacturing and regulatory operations. Dr. van Schooten co-founded THP, Inc. with Dr. Buelow in 2000 and served as its Chief Executive Officer from 2002 until its sale to Roche Pharmaceuticals in March 2007. From 1993 to1999, he led the development of therapeutics for the treatment of prostate cancer and multiple myeloma at Dendreon. Dr. van Schooten also directed the quality and clinical research programs, leading to the approval of a device and Phase III studies in cancers. Dr. van Schooten studied Immunology at the University of Leiden and the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.

Jeff Himawan, Ph.D., Managing Director, Essex Woodlands Health Ventures, and OMT Therapeutics Director

Dr. Himawan became a director of OMT Therapeutics in 2014. He also serves on the boards of directors of Catalyst Biosciences, Inc., Horizon Pharma, Inc., Light Sciences Oncology, Inc., MediciNova, Inc., and Symphogen, Inc. He was a director of Iomai Corporation during the seven years preceding its acquisition by Intercell AG in 2007. Dr. Himawan is a managing director of Essex Woodlands Health Ventures, L.P., a venture firm he joined in 1999. From 1996 to 2001, he was a managing director of Seed-One Ventures, a venture capital firm he co-founded. Prior to that, Dr. Himawan was a scientist in academic and industrial settings.

Thomas D. Kiley, Esq., OMT Therapeutics Director

Mr. Kiley became a director of OMT Therapeutics at inception. He is an attorney and also a director of Ceres, Inc. (CERE) and several private companies. In his career, Mr. Kiley has served as a director of more than two dozen companies, primarily in life sciences, including GenPharm International, Inc., which was acquired by Medarex, Inc. From 1980 to 1988, he was an officer of Genentech, Inc., serving as general counsel, vice president for legal affairs, and vice president for corporate development. From 1969 to 1980, Mr. Kiley practiced intellectual property law at Lyon and Lyon.

Scientific Advisory Board

Marianne Brüggemann, Ph.D. Director of Research and Operations

Dr. Brüggemann is the Director of Research and Operations of Recombinant Antibody Technology (RAT), Ltd., a wholly owned UK subsidiary of OMT Therapeutics. Before joining RAT, she was head of the Antibody Development Laboratory at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, UK. Her work on the expression of human antibody repertoires in transgenic mice led to a 1988 patent, held jointly by the Research Councils AFRC (now BBSRC) and Medical Research Council. She has published numerous papers on: antibody expression, transgenesis, translocus construction on large yeast artificial chromosomes, antibody knock-out technology using embryonic stem cells, and expression of heavy-chain-only antibodies. Dr. Brüggemann received her Ph.D. from Professor Rajewsky's Laboratory, Institute for Genetics, University of Cologne, Germany. She is the inventor on twelve patents, half of which have been granted.